Gaelic: Cuimean
Badge: A lion holding a dagger in its right paw
English Motto: Courage
Cummin or Cumming was originally associated with the Norman town of Comines where Sir Robert de Comyn took his name. Arriving with the Norman conquest he was made Earl of Northumberland in 1069.

The Earl of Northumberland's grandson, Richard, attended David I (r.1124-1153) and through marriage acquired authority over lands of Atholl, Menteith, Badenoch and Buchan.

They were supporters of John Balliol and there was a meeting with Robert the Bruce in a Dumfries Churchyard.  The 'Red Comyn' was stabbed to death and this severed the Comyn power. Thereafter the Comyns of Altyre became Chiefs of the Clan.

This tartan is in Sobieski brothers' Vestiarium Scoticum 1842.