150 Years in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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  • For over 100 years, the Company was based in George Street, one of the most prestigious shopping streets in the centre of Edinburgh.

    Shop on George Street
  • Military tailoring developed as an important part of the business, with officers’ uniforms being tailored for all of the famous Scottish Regiments.

  • In the early 1930’s, William Kinloch Anderson had made an important decision to introduce ready-to-wear men’s clothing – at that time a daring and innovative move for a prestigious tailor.

  • As many other tailoring businesses declined, the Kinloch Anderson Company thrived as men’s outfitters and specialists in Highland Dress.

    Highland Dress
  • In order to meet the increasing demand in the post war period, a Wholesale Division was established to supply clothing and accessories in tartans and tweeds.

  • The first visit of Douglas Kinloch Anderson, the fifth generation Chairman, to Japan, where the high quality men’s and ladies clothing business was expanding.

    Brand Licensing
  • In 1983 The Company produced their first Corporate Uniform for British Caledonian Airways, and subsequently established their Corporate Identity Division.

    British Caledonian Airways
  • William Anderson and his two sons ran a well known tailoring business in Edinburgh. In 1868, with trade increasing, they founded the Kinloch Anderson Company of today.

    Heritage and Company
  • Granted Royal Warrants of Appointment as Tailors and Kiltmakers to HM The Queen and to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

    Royal Warrants

Tailored for Scotland draft



The human story of six generations in our family Scottish clothing business and how by innovation and commitment they have driven the company forward.


Through careful nurture of heritage and history, the business which  began as a small bespoke tailoring partnership has now become a global brand. The company holds 3 Royal Warrants of Appointment as Tailors and Kiltmakers and has supplied the British Royal Family for over 95 years.


This deeply researched book commits the reader to the eventful times through which it has lived  and the challenges it has faced – a historian’s delight – and an illustrated timeline runs through the book.  The author explores the significance of tartan, the establishment of the Scottish Register of Tartans and the global impact of tartan today.


Wonderful illustrations enhance the interest of every page of the book – Highland Dress, lifestyle fashion, Scottish regimental and civilian uniforms, family memoirs, archived records, events, maps and photographs.


Beautifully presented, this is a book with lasting value and a perfect gift.


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